Dry Smoked Stout


Dylan Road Stout


Multigrain Witbier

The use of multiple brewing flakes imparts a unique grainy character to this light, fruity, and refreshing beer style.


Spice Coast Belgian Wit

This spicy Belgian Witbier is a beautifully complex beer with four different finishing spices. Coriander and orange peel are the traditional ingredients, but in many old farm house recipes from Belgium you will find Grains of Paradise and Cumin as well. Variety is the spice of life!


Sunnydale Pale Ale

Caracrystal® Wheat Malt adds a nice "softness" to the finish in this full-flavored pale ale. Recipe developed by Doug Hindman, Elliot Bay Brewing Co., Burien, Wash., summer 2009.


Wit or Witout

Refreshing, light, tangy...it's summer...it's WIT! With it you are equipped to relax in the heat of summer, without it you may find yourself anticipating the cooler days of fall.