Belgian Strong Ale

This Belgian Strong Ale showcases a wide variety of flavors imparted from spices, hops, dark candi sugar and a variety of malts.


Berliner Weisse

Fermented with a blend of Hefeweizen yeast and Lactobacillus, this German Wheat beer is refreshingly clean and tart. Its acidity will properly develop in the bottle or keg for 4 to 6 months, at which time your patience will be rewarded with a delightful mouth puckering crispness that compliments the soft maltiness of this brew.


Biere de Wallonia

White Labs Belgian Saison II Yeast makes this beer light and fruity with a moderate clove-like character. Expect it to ferment faster than other Saison strains.


Midnight Wit

This unique beer style displays an ebony color in a traditional Belgian White beer. The yeast and spice flavors remain forefront with a crisp finish imparted by Midnight Wheat Malt.


Multigrain Witbier

The use of multiple brewing flakes imparts a unique grainy character to this light, fruity, and refreshing beer style.


One Red Suspender


Three Wheat Wit

Spicy yeast notes blend with fruity and citrus character to create a very flavorful and complex, yet surprisingly light beer. Three wheats lend body and stable haze to this classic Belgian style ale.


Wit or Witout

Refreshing, light,'s's WIT! With it you are equipped to relax in the heat of summer, without it you may find yourself anticipating the cooler days of fall.