80 Schilling Export Ale

Scottish Ale formulated to exhibit a discernible malty character and dry finish.


Abbey On My Way Ale

Rich toffee, nut and raisin notes are contributed by the combination of the specially processed malts.


Alpinator (Doppelbock)

A rich maltiness will dominate your palate when you taste this doppelbock. The recipe is balanced by an unmistakable alcohol presence achieved with the Zurich lager yeast.


Alt of My Mind Ale

This classic style Altbier is cold conditioned to reduce overall fruity esters. Slightly sweet with warm, rich malt tones, it finished crisp and dry.


Antwerp Pale Ale

Hopped-up Pale Ale fermented with an exceptionally clean Belgian yeast strain.


Bavarian Schwarzbier

Full flavored Schwarzbier featuring a Munich and Caramel Malt backbone with a touch of Chocolate Malt.


Belgian Chocolate Stout

This chocolate focused malt bill is complimented by the richness of Caramel Malt 90L and Roasted Barley, and further enhanced by the complex flavors imparted from a blend of Belgian yeast strains.


Belgian Quadrupel

This recipe combines high quality specialty malts, a generous amount of gravity boosting extract and a yeast blend that imparts a wonderful Belgian character to create this smooth and richly-complex brew.


Belgian Strong Ale

This Belgian Strong Ale showcases a wide variety of flavors imparted from spices, hops, dark candi sugar and a variety of malts.


Brew-it-Again American Brown Ale

Delicious, easy to brew and made with a top-cropping yeast suited for harvesting (and re-use)so you can brew it again with the same yeast.


British Pale Ale

This simple to brew English style Pale Ale is fermented with White Lab's Essex Ale Yeast which produces a flavorful ale with a slight dry finish.


Chocolate Porter

You'll want to savor every sip of this rich, chocolaty porter. Its deep, intense flavor is achieved by the extreme combination of specialty malts, steeped for a long period of time, plus unsweetened cocoa. We recommend using the highest quality cocoa you can get your hands on!


East Coast Cream

An original American style of beer, this cream ale is full bodied yet very light and drinkable.



This Extra "Special Roast" Bitter (E. S. R. B.) showcases the biscuit, tangy-sourdough character of Briess' Special Roast Malt.


Final Course (Sweet Stout)

With dessert or as dessert, beside ice cream or on ice cream. This sweet stout is a delicious end to a dining experience.


Flemish Brown

Brewed with a mix of Brettanomyces, Saccharomyces, and the bacterial strains Lactobacillus and Pediococcus; the sour character will continually change with extended aging in secondary fermentation. Traditional styles are aged up to 3 years before bottling.


Maltinator Doppelbock

This uber malty Doppelbock is based on the Oktoberfest beer style. Rich, warm, malty and toasty. Perfect for cool weather. Enjoy some in the spring and again in October.


Midnight Wit

This unique beer style displays an ebony color in a traditional Belgian White beer. The yeast and spice flavors remain forefront with a crisp finish imparted by Midnight Wheat Malt.


Oktoberfestival Beer

This malty lager is worth celebrating year round. Pair it with a platter of fresh creamy cheese and enjoy!


Rhein Bock

Somewhere between the maltiness of Austrian dopplebocks and the high alcohol tolerance of Zurich lager yeast lies the inspiration for Rhein Bock.


Saison du Soleil

Easy drinking summer Saison spiced with ginger and orange peel.


Sterkte van Belgie Ale

This Belgian Dark Strong Ale combines dark-caramel and Munich-type maltiness with complex esters and phenolics, imparted by White Lab's Belgian Strong Ale Yeast.


Touch of Rye Lager

Subtle notes of rye project through the caramel sweetness and noble-hop aroma of this dark American Lager.


White Kölsch With Rye

This White (Weiß or Weiss) Kölsch style is an unfiltered version of a traditional Kölsch which often contains wheat. This recipe substitutes rye malt for wheat and pairs it with Tettnang hops to create a unique Kölsch with a slightly spicy character.