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Brew Better With Briess

Sunday, September 30, 2018

At Briess, we value our home brew community which is why we set out to create a place for home brew retailers to access superior ingredients direct from the source. We created Better Brewing to provide retailers with a convenient, affordable and faster method to access a wide selection of malts, hops, yeasts and more.


“Purchasing direct from Better Brewing is easier and the shipping cost is less,” says Jennifer from Grain to Glass, LLC. “I recommend ordering through Better Brewing, the best part is the fast response in filling our order.”


Better Brewing continues to grow, adding new products for retailers. Simply register for an account and start shopping! Have a question? Our team is always available to assist you. “The best part of working directly with Briess is the customer service and the prices,” says Steve from That Homebrew Store. “I’ve been brewing with Briess grains for years and have always been satisfied with the consistent results.”



We know that running your own business means that every minute of the day matters. By purchasing direct, you can save time and place orders at your convenience. As a family owned company since 1876, we remain dedicated to delivering naturally grown ingredients and providing services tailored to meet the needs of your business. “We are a Wisconsin company, and it always bothered me that the grain was shipped past us to OH, then right back to us. [It] seemed like a waste of recourses and an unnecessary use of gasoline,” reviewed Benjamin from Wine Hop & Shop, “I like that this method has more of a green footprint.”


See for yourself how Better Brewing can help your business and let us know what you think at